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My Honest Review Of Dan Dasilva New Course 100k Blueprint

100k Blueprint Review

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What is 100K Blueprint?

The 100K Plan was created as a 12 week drip fed thorough eCommerce strategy. Nevertheless we are taking the current e-commerce version and RE-DESIGNING it. This model has actually been in charge of millions of bucks generated for us simply in 2019 alone as well as we've been able to take a new store from 0 to over $100k in a solitary month.

As a matter of fact, let me simply state this - taking a brand-new property from 0 to a couple of thousand each month is EXCEPTIONALLY easy with this new commerce organisation design.What makes this so much different is that there is no Amazon, Wholesale, No inventory, no branding, the shop that is created only has 1 solitary item on it!

OF COURSE, that is the magic right there but of course the devil is in the information.

This version was produced by a few people who realized having a single product on a store boosted the reliability and also the making potential by almost 300%. With climbing advertisement prices that suggests you can earn money FASTER as well as without all the inconvenience of managing hundreds and even thousands of SKU's.

This approach has actually enabled numerous small start up stores to go multi national and several of these even obtaining HUGE orders from stores such as Macy's for countless systems (once again, this is still drop shipping which is insane)!

I wager you've never ever heard of a decrease delivery store selling their items to Macy's. We've figured it out and cracked the code (let me make it clear this isn't what the item has to do with - it's just a benefit - retail and big box shops will certainly seek out your consumers and also ask them to drop ship for them)!

I have actually been following this version for over 2 years currently making sure that is stands the test of time and also with the brand-new coronavirus and also exactly how advertisements have ended up being also cheaper this indicates this is an IDEAL opportunity once more for everyone to begin gaining.

This is just ONE single shop run and we had the ability to scale to $15k in a day by day 10.

My Dan Dasilva 100k Blueprint Review 

Dan Dasilva’s 100k Blueprint is a revolutionary new dropshipping course ready to give critical knowledge to those interested in dropshipping. This dropshipping course allows you to easily and effectively gain early knowledge and provides frequent tips to fill in critical-area skill gaps in a student’s learning. Dropshipping may appear difficult or hard to get into, but with this course, you have the knowledge and support to achieve success! In this post, I’ll go over what exactly this course provides, the 6 key features included, an analysis on each mentioned feature, the few cons I see in the product, and a conclusion wrapping everything together. Let’s get right into it!

The creator of this course, Dan Dasilva, showcases himself as a master in the dropshipping field. He boasts an impressive 300,000 students under his belt and has earned over $15,000,000 through dropshipping, so it looks like he knows what he’s talking about. This dropshipping course claims to offer knowledge and insight to just about anyone, with an impressive feature list to match those claims. With his expertise in the industry, this is definitely going to be one of those courses that cements its author in the dropshipping business.

Ultimately, it’s the value of the features that make us decide whether it’s worth it or not.

100k Blueprint What is Included

Below is a list of our favorite features from this course:

  1. Mentor Access
  2. 12 Week System
  3. Coaching Calls
  4. Profit Machine
  5. “Email Jedi”
  6. Ad Analysis

Although these features sound pretty nifty, it’s hard to tell what they do. We’ve provided a simple analysis of all six of these features to help you get up to speed.

  1.  Mentor Access


      Although this course aims to fill in all apparent knowledge gaps, sometimes a student needs some extra consultation to truly understand or explore a concept. With 100k Blueprint, you’re given the option to directly consult with Dan Dasilva (The creator of 100k Blueprint) and his coaches via email, giving you the chance to quickly have your burning questions answered by those who have tons of experience. This feature gives you the ability to skip those long treks through pages of Google’s search results, and quickly get your questions to those who can answer them.

2.12 Week System

     Too often digital courses swamp their students with thousands of little videos, leaving you, the student, feeling unmotivated. It’s challenging to look at a page filled with tons and tons of episodes that you need to get through and actually sit down! With Dan Dasilva’s 100k Blueprint, this stress is removed! You’re given one course, containing a varying number of modules, each week, giving you the flexibility to focus on other things while working with this knowledge. The weekly separation lets you also have the amazing feeling of being done with a week of studying, and the extra time gives you the ability to deeply root that information before learning some more. All in all, this 12-week system is an amazing way to deliver a course and gives the end-user a ton of freedom.

3.Coaching Calls

     With your 100k Blueprint subscription, you’re given the access to listen to 10 weeks of live coaching calls, giving you an immense boost in terms of learning. The added knowledge these calls provide, whilst being available in an audio format, makes your brain absorb the information they provide effectively. These calls are also recorded so you can easily access and listen to the wealth of knowledge they provide at any time! The live format of these calls gives you lots of freedom in terms of knowledge gathering, with lots of opportunities to grow what you already know.

4.Profit Machine

      Product research is a huge hassle when it comes to dropshipping, with the base profit you make on your products capping how much you can make. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have, a poorly sourced product with bad margins nearly guarantees the store you’re running isn't working at its best. With 100k Blueprint’s powerful product research capabilities, you can find profitable products at the touch of a button! The software also looks for products that convert well, meaning your sales are sure to grow with products sourced from the software.

5.Email Jedi


            This course stresses the importance of emails quite a bit, and this feature upholds that. 100k Blueprint claims to provide you with 3 simple emails that can                    generate up to 200% more profit. With these advanced emails, you can be sure you’re gaining an edge over the competition.


6.Ad Analysis

     With this course, you’re allowed to follow along live as case studies of profitable ads are underway. The expert coaches will take you through a 3-step dissection of the ad, going over the before, during, and after! The ability to see these highly effective ads gives you a feel for what works! This is a great feature that gives those new to advertising a look at what works well and what doesn’t.


Does This Money Making Program Make the Cut?

Although this seems like the perfect course to get into dropshipping and grow your amount of knowledge, I have identified a con with this course. The course in the past has offered, and likely still does, a weekly based information trickle. Although this sounds great for someone developing their skill, someone who has already mastered a topic will essentially be wasting time as the next course will be added after a week. Although this isn’t a huge issue, it is a relevant hindrance to some learners. The option to skip a weekly wait would definitely be great!


In conclusion, we've gone over the six greatest features of this course, leading me to the conclusion that this course is perfect for anyone looking to get into dropshipping or brushing up on the current state of the industry. I absolutely loved the live coaching calls you can easily access, and the “Profit Machine” system to quickly locate profitable products.


Looking at everything we’ve gone over; it looks like Dan Dasilva’s 100k Blueprint is an amazing course perfect for just about anyone. What are you waiting for? Signup for this amazing course today by clicking the link below, act fast though, as these seats are known to fill up quickly!

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In times of indecision I like to remind myself of this little quote. "Indecision is the enemy of progress". 100k Blueprint is the right product for right now. It is a complete training program backed by a top eCommerce marketer. Click the button below to get started right away!


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